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Established in 1947

Andrews & Rech is a leading Sub-contract machine shop, currently supplying components to the mining, railway, transport, glass manufacturing and automotive industries. Since 1976, Andrews & Rech has expanded and developed as a leader in CNC Machining.

Privately owned, and controlled by three working directors, Andrews & Rech has developed a reputation for complex high quality products, competitive pricing and prompt delivery, utilising state of the art technology and testing facilities.


A comprehensive range of production plant and equipment, including CAD CAM technology with direct numerical link to CNC machines, and production reporting using a computerised bar coding system allows quick response to customer delivery and inquiries.

Andrews & Rech has the ability to execute a project efficiently and accurately; to manufacture and carry out the testing of new equipment; and the overhaul and repair of existing equipment.

A 3,000 meter squared workshop, skilled and experienced trades-persons and strict quality assurance to ISO9001:2015 standards will satisfy any customer demands.



Andrews & Rech are industry leaders in the manufacture of specialised equipment and have been providing many industries with their services for years, which include:

Glass Moulding Equipment

  • Can and bottle fillers


Mining Equipment

  • Roof and rib bolting machines

  • Drill rigs

  • Long wall components

  • Spare parts

  • Hydraulic cylinders and components

Railway Components

  • Braking components

Andrews & Rech also provide Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacture, implementing modern machining capabilities. This includes CAD/CAM, CNC and and five axis machining on large and small components.

The overhaul and maintenance of mining, glass and beverage, and railway and transport equipment is also completed on the premises. Including the overhaul and maintenance of drilling machines, long wall components, hydraulic cylinders, can and bottle fillers and glass moulding equipment.

Other services provided by Andrews & Rech include:

  • Fabrication, welding and metal spraying

    • TIG, MIG, Rotafuse

  • Gun and Ejector Drilling capabilities

  • Inspected and Certified Components


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124 Long St, Smithfield NSW 2164, Australia
Tel: +612 9609 7833



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