Andrews & Rech implement the most modern machining equipment and techniques available to the industry, including CAD/CAM, CNC and 5 axis machining on both large and small components.
Machining capabilities also include deep hole drilling and honing utilising both gun drilling and ejector drilling.
As part of Andrews & Rech's commitment to quality assurance, we implement comprehensive inspection and testing on components through the use of co-ordinate measuring machines, optical comparators and contour tracing and surface testing machines.

Machining Capacity

CNC Vertical Machine Centres:
6 machines; 40 tool magazine; 1700mm x 800mm x 800mm maximum.
CNC Horizontal Machine Centres:
10 Machines, 1000mm x 900mm x 1000mm with twin pallets; 60 tool magazine maximum capacity.
CNC Turning:
LB10; 4 machines; 170mm dia x 300mm
LB15; 3 machines; 370mm dia. x 500mm
LB25; 1 machine; 420mm dia x 1300mm
LB35; 1 machine; 550mm dia x 850mm
LB4000; 1 machine; 400mm dia x 750mm
Conventional Milling:
6m x 2m x 2m
350mm stroke x 900mm dia.
Deep Hole Drilling:
4mm to 100mm dia. x 3m deep
36mm to 300mm dia. x 10m deep
Surface Grinding:
3 machines; 1000mm x 500mm
Capabilities to 5 tonnes
Weld and Spray Services:
Metal Spray
Wire drill machine 0.3mm to 4mm dia.
Fitting and Assembly:
Hydraulic cylinders up to 4m
Special purpose machines
Mining machinery
Filling and packing machinery
Measurement and Testing Facilities:
Sheffield 'D28' fully programmable
Co-ordinate measuring machine
Profile projectors and contour tracing; digital height gauges; CNC link
Hydraulic Testing Capacity:
Dynamic and static testing to customer requirements
Maximum pressure: 34 MPa
Maximum flow rate: 46 litres per minute